Your own fully branded iOS and Android Event App

"Ticket sales have increased since we started using the app."

André Strann - Festival Manager at VEKAO i Sogndal

Engage your audience

Get a gorgeous and fully native Android and iOS mobile apps. Keep all your event information in one place - Mobile app, in your customers pocket.

Keep your Event up-to-date

Stop printing guides and program, stop duplicating information! We did a seamless integration with your Website, Facebook page and Google Calendar. Updating event information was never so easy.

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Communicate with your fans!

Now you can send push message to all your friends attending the event. Deliver updates and important messages just in few click.

Build your brand

App if fully customizable for your brand. Use your logo, images and colors to style the app. Build - in Instagram integration increases your social attraction.

What Will You Get From Event App

Your own Event Mobile apps. A system that takes care of updating event information

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Fully branded Mobile Apps

Fully branded Android and iOS mobile apps. Deliver program, news and info, map and instant messages to your customers. Engage with them and build a social attraction with Instagram

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Use your existing content

You can use Google Calendar for scheduling and updating program. Use an existing website article for events details. Get posts from Facebook page to the Event app. Keep your data in one place and use it anywhere.

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Automatic Event update

Connect your Website, Facebook page to Event mobile apps with our web tool. All changes will appear in mobile Event apps automatically. Its so easy that everyone who can use a browser can do that!

Event App Features

We take your content and apply magic and technology to it. As result you get your own gorgeous mobile apps, that updates content automatically.

What event organizers get?

As event organizer you will get a really easy way to manage all your event information and deliver it to your audience.

  • Schedule and update your event in Google Calendar
  • Create your map in Google Maps
  • Use your CMS for event details, news and info
  • Use Facebook for news posts
  • Send Push Message in few click
  • Customize mobile Apps
  • See how many people liked and going to event
  • Get usage analytics
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Mobile app for Event attendees

Deliver best experience to your audience with Mobile app.

  • High performance native iOS and Android
  • All information available in Offline
  • Latest event program
  • News
  • Important info
  • Map
  • Instagram integration. Use your #hashtag
  • Instant Push Messages

Want to try mobile Event App. Download existing Event apps

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More About Event App

Are you still not sure? Maybe you have some question? See what people are saying about the app and use FAQ to help you make decision!

Meet Our Customers. They trust us.

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    André Strann - Festival Manager at VEKAO i Sogndal

    "The festival app helps us get closer to the audience, and we no longer have to print program guides. It is easy to both setup, and use. The best thing: The program is always updated! Ticket sales have increased since we started using the app."

FAQ. You have questions, we have the answers

No you dont. We make it super easy to provide information about your event. You dont need a developer to support and update event information. Only thing you will work with is: Google Calendar, Your Facebook page, Google Map, Your own CMS website. All of those are extremely easy to use.

Yes you can. Mobile apps are fully customizable for your brand. In mobile app you can change: App name, App icon, opening screen image, Colors in the app, custom brand images.

You can create a custom map is Google Map. See how to do it Every time you make an update in your Google Map, it will be automatically updated in mobile apps.

Yes you can. You can use Facebook page as news source. Every time you make new post on Facebook, it will automatically appear in mobile Event app.

Yes you can. You can use articles from your website for program details. Every time you update articles on your website, Event app will get these changes.

Use your existing articles from website. For news you can use your Facebook page as well.

Go to Google Calendar. Create new Google Calendar. Add events to that calendar.

Still have another question? Contact us and let's talk about it.

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